SuperHeero has developed with its partner Ener2Crowd a crowdfunding platform (also known as Social Lending) that allows a multitude of investors (crowd, literally “ crowd ”) to invest money in the photovoltaic and wind power plants of Ener2Crowd projects.
On the one hand, Investors lend their money in exchange for an annual interest rate. The aim is to involve local communities living near where the renewable energy plant is built.
Crowdfunding is increasingly becoming a viable and effective form of capital raising. Flexibility, speed, visibility, community involvement and the democratization of finance are just some of the advantages that are obtained thanks to a crowdfunding campaign. Each platform allows you to test the validity; of their projects, exposing them to the impartial judgment of the online crowd and in this way & egrave; It is possible to come into contact with people who are difficult to reach with other tools.
In a lending platform, investors lend their money in exchange for a gain defined by an interest rate and regulated by a loan agreement. It is therefore a debt that is borne by the proposing company and is governed by a digitally signed contract between the parties. With equity crowdfunding, the investor becomes a partner in a company that is created ad hoc (with associated costs) for the operation, participating in the profits or losses of that company.
The flexibility of lending crowdfunding will allow us to implement unique features within the platform: variable interest rates based on the residence of the investors in order to facilitate the participation of local communities as much as possible. There is talk of medium / small loans without however excluding large projects with a duration ranging from 1 to 10 years.
Ener2Crowd entrusts the money transactions to a Payment Institution authorized by the Bank of France with a European passport named LemonWay, this company is now a leader in digital payments for crowdfunding platforms with a transaction of almost 2 billion euros in 2018. Ener2Crowd in Europe acts with direct mandate as Agent of the French Payment Institution LemonWay according to article 128 quater of the TUB, at number 6.


You can top up your Wallet by credit card or bank transfer. When recharging by bank transfer, it is essential to use the reason indicated in your Reserved Area (each User has in fact his own reason). Another requirement, the bank account from which the transfer starts must be in the name of the same person as the wallet (joint accounts are still allowed).
Once you open a digital wallet and top up by bank transfer or credit card, the amount of your money will be ready to be invested. When you invest in a project, your money goes from your portfolio to that of the proposing company. The portfolio of the proposing company is opened and managed by the Ener2Crowd team, in this way the proposer cannot; empty your wallet at any time. Once the campaign is over, the company"s capital is released. to develop the project and start paying the installments to the investors according to the loan agreement signed.
In the event of liquidation of the company, all payments and financing contracts remain valid and active as the flow of money is managed by an external payment institution called LemonWay which ensures all financial transactions.
In accordance with current legislation, the tax regulations relating to income deriving from loans disbursed through peer to peer platforms currently do not allow the Agents of a Payment Institution to act as withholding agents, consequently each investor must; autonomously declare such proceeds. It should be noted that the income must in any case be declared regardless of whether the sum is deposited on the Ener2Crowd account or is transferred to one"s personal account. Specifically, natural persons who do not carry out business activities (therefore not registered on the portal with a VAT number), will have to declare the gross income received through the 730 model or the natural person income model, while natural persons carrying out business activities , companies and entities will declare such proceeds as business income. For more details on the declaration procedure, we recommend that you consult your accountant or tax advisor and download the practical guide provided by Ener2Crowd in the Taxation section of your Reserved Area.
According to the loan agreement, the installments can be repaid monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually. Check the loan agreements and the amortization plan to find out when the next installment is due.
If the Minimum Collection Target for a Project is not reached, it is canceled and the sum invested is returned in full to the User on the same day as the cancellation of the Project.
We are committed to involving local communities and for this we offer an additional interest rate to residents of local communities who come into contact with our project. Anyone can participate in the projects and everyone will be assigned an interest rate corresponding to their residence. During the investment phase, a document certifying your residence will be required (utility bill or certificate of residence).
The duration varies from 1 to 10 years. For long-term loans, each investor can request the repayment of the capital over a certain period of time and the Falck Group will undertake to repay it.
Recharging and opening the Wallet are LemonWay procedures, external to Ener2Crowd. You can write to supporto@ener2crowd.com to ask if there are any problems, but unfortunately it is not possible to speed up the process anyway.